Commercial Storefronts

Commercial storefronts demand special attention.  We have been providing excellent quality and service with competitive pricing on commercial glass and glazing projects for over 30 years.  Our professional installers have decades of experience.  We have excellent vendor relationships with companies like Kawneer and Vistawall for framing combined with 1-inch glass.  The Glass Man also installs interior wall systems with 1/4-inch glass.

The Glass Man works with contractors, property managers, individual storeowners and insurance companies to make sure the project is handled smoothly and professionally.  Our entire company is committed to making sure your project goals are met.

Commercial Glass 

The Glass Man works with businesses and management groups.  We serve senior living care/assisted living communities, condominiums, apartments, businesses, hotels, Schools and much more.  We specialize in competitively priced window glass replacement and door repair.  When your window is fogged, cracked or broke don’t replace the entire system!  We can install new glass while leaving the frame intact.

Our goal is to make commercial replacement easy for the building or site manager.  Our responsiveness to and technical knowledge of different commercial window systems is second to none.  We manage projects for a group or we work directly with each client.

Types of Glass

Insulated glass (IG Unit, Double Pane) with a 10-year warranty when we replace windows with fogged glass.  Insulated glass is the most effective way to reduce air to air heat transfer through the glazing.  Construction of insulated glass is two or three glass panes that are separated by a spacer that is vacuum or gas-filled to reduce heat transfer.

“Low E annealed glass” glass we usually use for almost all residential windows with it being a lot more energy-efficient glass.  Low E glass is a film that reflects radiant infrared energy, so when the sun shines of the Low E coated glass the windows reflects a lot of the unwanted energy back towards the sun.  This helps with having the heat from the sun pass through the glass.

Tempered glass/laminated glass required by building codes for many main level windows, high traffic areas and front/sliding doors.  Tempered glass is about four times stronger than ordinary annealed glass.  Unlike annealed glass, that shatters into big sharp pieces when broken, tempered glass shatters into really small spider web pieces that are relatively harmless.

Laminated glass is great for security.  Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that stays together when shattered.  The interlayer between the two pieces of glass that hold it all together is called Poly vinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

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